About the Clarient Entity Hub

Clarient Entity Hub is an industry utility platform whereby legal entity data and documentation can be securely uploaded through a single entry point and maintained and shared between counterparties through an intuitive interface, enabling complete transparency into the process and control over content.

The platform has been designed with input from both the buy-side and sell-side and leverages standardized policies that have been tested and are accepted by all parties involved. These standardized policies enable a single and consistent way of doing business by product or service, eliminating manual processing of multiple requests for a single entity.

Clarient Entity Hub Base Relationship Service - A smarter way to exchange and manage entity data

Clarient Entity Hub now provides the ability for counterparties to establish a permissioned Base Relationship to exchange and maintain a full spectrum of legal entity data, as well as any documents related to onboarding, KYC, AML, regulatory, credit and transactional needs. All through a comprehensive workflow with fully transparent content controls, audit trail and maker-checker functionality.

Additionally, the platform facilitates the exchange of smarter data by leveraging its global policy engine to gather and validate legal entity information, categorizing documents against a taxonomy of 400+ document types, while also confirming the authority required to provide the data and evidence.

Clarient Entity Hub is also the only platform minimizing the need to request information from the client and accelerating the collection and maintenance process by supplementing the private exchange of data and evidence with public data from Clarient Entity Hub’s Public KYC service.

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Clarient Entity Hub’s Know Your Customer (KYC) services facilitate compliance with enhanced data collection requirements due to evolving regulatory demands helping firms manage Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) requirements.
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Clarient Entity Hub’s Regulatory services provide firms with a streamlined, efficient solution to collect, validate, and enrich data required for reporting and necessary to meet specific regulatory requirements.
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Clarient Entity Hub’s Ready to Transact services will help clients gain greater scalability, efficiency and transparency into pre-transaction operational processes and create synergies between KYC, regulatory and configuration processes by developing a consistent, practical and transparent framework connected with other DTCC and industry platforms/services.
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